Auditing and Review Process

We leverage a unique audit approach to discover unknown barriers, usability issues and unlock potential within your digital platforms

Since the beginning of 2020, ecommerce demand has skyrocketed 300%. Consumer behavior will never be the same.

Small Changes Can Result in Big Improvements

A Unique Approach - An ecommerce audit is an opportunity to find quick wins, identify roadblocks and assess your site’s infrastructure, information architecture and overall usability. Together, we can review your ecommerce customer experience from awareness channels through to conversion and KPI performance that may prevent customers finishing the goals you want them to complete.

Examples of Focus: SEO, content quality, UI/UX, individual platform channels throughout the customer journey, digital shelf, data analytics, marketing channels, mobile impact

Digital Ecosphere Review
Understanding where to look to find the biggest opportunities takes a special approach, a lot of experience and the right roadmap.
Your digital platform is big and we know where to look and will provide tool sets you need to generate big growth.
Illuminating the Blind Spots
Between launching a product and then ultimately a Customer Purchase event, huge blind spots begin to occur. How do your customers view your brand, products and what are the interactions like with your platforms? Our unique processes are designed to reveal what you’ve been missing.
Using our unique approach, our teams will work together to create the most impactful plan to create the most growth.
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