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Building great organic traffic, connecting with the top search platforms and retailers search algorithms to be found are a must. 

Search Engine Optimization

From DTC, B2C and B2B over 50% of your traffic will use the search bar to enter keywords and phrases to browse or locate a specific product or service. Beyond that, for DTC & B2B you have billions of potential customers searching Google for a product or service.

We can help you be found! 

SEO Capabilities

We will assemble the best team members to optimize each critical SEO touchpoint to provide all the needed improvements to your digital customer experiences from Foundational to Brand SEO. This optimization will fuel your performance and provide organic ROI for your digital business channels growth.


  • URL: the web address for the page

  • 301 Redirects as part of product & category management analysis


  • Meta title: the “official” title of the page, which appears in the tab at the top of a web browser and as the link in search results


  • Meta description: a short description of the page, usually 160 characters or less, appearing below the link in search results


  • H1 heading: the title as it’s shown within the page, usually in large, bold text


  • Body content: the bulk of the page’s offering, usually words, images, videos, buttons, purchasing forms, etc.

  • Keywords and phrases data per each unique search engine algorithm and competitor search data

  • Amazon search ranking audit and strategy


  • Other headings: headings that separate the content, called H2, H3, H4, etc., based on their size and purpose in the page content, especially useful for long pages that cover a topic

At Work
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Our SEO team is highly experienced within multiple industries, platforms and with 100's of products and services globally.  

Our approach to SEO is unique as in how we include additional shopper, customer data along with each unique platforms search algorithm. Our key focus is the shoppers and your potential customer persona's. Combining all our data points along with an audit of your competitors will elevate your SEO strategy and bring success!